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Family fantasy chatMom's More Beautiful Sister6/15/2020  2  
House of HMVMore than you know4/3/2020  5  
Kitsap Foot FetishFoot Fetish Scent1/22/2020  0  
Family fantasy chatmy mother ....my aunts ...my cousins perfumes12/7/2019  2  
How to get away with cheatingKeep it cool. Keep it real cool.12/5/2019  0  
The Valley Of RoyalSAUCY_JILL's GANGBANG STORY for standard members7/5/2019  2  
"Rock My Fucking World (RMFW)"Two Truths and A Lie11/19/2018  8  
The Valley Of RoyalSAUCY_JILL's PROFILE STORY....EXTENDED6/20/2018  3  
Dommes for the men who love usFire play4/18/2018  0  
Dommes for the men who love usFire play4/18/2018  0  
Wyld's Little RoomGames Night3/23/2018  2  
The Valley Of RoyalJILL IN A FACTORY part three2/25/2018  4  
The Valley Of RoyalJILL IN A FACTORY part 12/1/2018  3  
The Valley Of RoyalJILL ON THE TRAIN part 22/1/2018  5  
The Valley Of RoyalSAUCY_JILL's GANGBANG PROFILE STORY1/25/2018  3  
Cyber SnobsSAUCY JILL's GANGBANG11/1/2017  2  
Utah Friends For Fun.How Important Is Personal Hygiene To You?9/11/2017  7  
AFF Naughty Community.How Important Is Personal Hygiene To You?9/11/2017  22  
Diversi-'T'sPerfume4/24/2017  12  
THE POSSE CATSfor you kitten xxxxxxxxxxxx3/3/2017  1  
AFF Naughty Community.Co-ed Dorms3/2/2017  6  
2 Taboo for YouJILL ON THE TRAIN part two2/16/2017  7  
Girls who want older GentsJILL IN A FACTORY part Three2/16/2017  10  
2 Taboo for YouJILL IN A FACTORY part one2/14/2017  7  
THE POSSE CATSSexy Valentine's Day Contest2/1/2017  8  
Girls who want older GentsJILL IN A FACTORY part one1/31/2017  7  
2 Taboo for YouJILL FORCED INTO A GANGBANG1/31/2017  16  
Girls who want older GentsJILL ON THE TRAIN part 21/30/2017  7  
Girls who want older GentsJILL IS FORCED INTO A GANGBANG1/29/2017  12  
Girls who want older GentsSaucy Jill's gangbang story1/29/2017  37  
HerMastersbitchA FUCKED UP CHRISTMAS POEM12/7/2016  2  
2 Taboo for Youforced masturbation10/13/2016  13  
Pittsburgh Area (Butler/NAlny)MEN turnoffs about WOMEN....10/6/2016  3  
Men in womens PantiesThe power of panties6/14/2016  9  
Land of Unicornsfloral scents5/31/2016  2  
Diversi-'T'sperfume cost4/28/2016  6  
Black Ring Social ClubHumorous Q&A's.4/14/2016  4  
Idaho Swingers R Us.Some real funny Q&A stuff.4/14/2016  4  
Toronto Sexy Cougar's GroupHow to be sexy while only texting your prey3/12/2016  2  
Fulfilling FantasiesSuggestions for a title?!? (leave in comments, thanks)2/27/2016  0  
Daddies and LittlesDaddy/little first Date ideas1/17/2016  8  
Diversi-'T'sperfume10/19/2015  3  
San Jose GangbangBasic Gangbang Rules for our Events9/23/2015  0  
Daddies and LittlesSexual Fetishes8/27/2015  6  
Anal Sex Lovers ClubBefore A Date ... Become in the Mood ... and Prepared7/11/2015  0  
Cloud NinePerfume and Cologne6/8/2015  4  
TS/CD/TV COCKSUCKING SLUTSOne of my fantasies.1/24/2015  2  
2 Taboo for YouGrandma, I can see your lady parts right through your nightie!12/23/2014  8  
Active ChattersWorst Christmas presents!12/13/2014  2  
Fantasías...Cariño,te necesito aquí y ahora!11/1/2014  2  
Classy BBW & FriendsOn the back of Run's candle scents post...10/12/2014  5  
Classy BBW & FriendsBirthday Sex10/1/2014  4  
Diversi-'T'sBeing Outa at Work Update9/4/2014  9  
Canadian SQUIRTERS!!!Can't stop thinking about it!7/28/2014  6  
Fairfax Gangbang Clubyoung BBW switch wants crossdressin bi daddy gangbang6/29/2014  1  
CrossDressingDressing, Going Tactile, Stimulating the Projectile5/28/2014  0  
Classy BBW & FriendsBought and Returned - Part Deux5/3/2014  10  
Cloud NineWord Association ........5/2/2014  10  
Classy BBW & FriendsPerfume: What is your favorite scent?4/5/2014  19  
Cloud NineSMELLS3/21/2014  11  
A Daddies and Good Girls ForumBath Time.... the bubbles just seem to call my name...2/6/2014  9  
Heavenly HELLChristmas singalong12/8/2013  4  
2 Taboo for YouSister Story 3 (Fantasy)12/8/2013  5  
Cloud NineWhat's Your Erotic Personality?11/19/2013  0  
Triple SSwingers Etiquette Top 109/25/2013  4  
BBW - Gordinhas de Portugal8 motivos para namorar pessoas gordinhas8/21/2013  5  
BBW - Gordinhas de Portugal8 motivos para namorar pessoas gordinhas8/21/2013  0  
Something on the SideAre you sending clues to your partner that you are shopping or playing elsewhere?7/7/2013  0  
Paradise InfernoSMELLS4/24/2013  9  
Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)For Daddy's Girl ... part 34/24/2013  1  
Brisbane & Gold Coast hook upsQualified Masseur for the Ladies4/23/2013  0  
East Idaho Group100 ways you know you’re a Swinger!4/21/2013  1  
Idaho Falls Swingers Club.100 ways you know you’re a Swinger!4/19/2013  5  
Idaho Swingers R Us.100 ways you know you’re a Swinger!4/19/2013  8  
Tim's Gentleman's Social ClubRules of the Club3/23/2013  2  
Naughty List Of Middle TNSwinger Parties and Jokes January 20th1/20/2013  0  
SISSY MENI like dressing .. don't you?1/8/2013  3  
women that want bareback sexI am looking for a lady near of visitng San Franisco Bay Area for Bareback Sex12/12/2012  0  
Married Searching For LoversManners during a three way11/22/2012  11  
Kitten's RefugeThe New Guy At Work - another short story11/16/2012  7  
Kitten's RefugeUnder Her Control - another short story11/3/2012  6  
The gRAPE VineA night steoll on Campus10/13/2012  2  
Women who love being eaten1minnesota pussy worshipper10/6/2012  0  
Marshall Area Sex Club!pussy worshipper needs you10/6/2012  1  
Cloud NineSeduction9/17/2012  2  
West Detroit Social ClubThe favorite sense in sex?9/7/2012  4  
Buford Friend FindersSwingers Etiquette8/25/2012  1  
San Antonio BBW LoversStory Chat8/20/2012  0  
Diversi-'T'sWould You Tell Someone Or Wanna Be Told?8/10/2012  6  
Rough Sex Group and Nasty PlayHow to tell you are getting old8/4/2012  8  
EROTIC ECSTACYErotic & romantic?7/30/2012  4  
EroticaErotic and romantic?7/29/2012  2  
BBW Chat Room GroupWhat's Your Name Stranger? (or Also Known As)7/25/2012  3  
Central Oregon Group Play100 Ways You Know You're a Swinger...7/20/2012  1  
Panties and PantyhoseWanted: worn panties7/11/2012  1  
women just want to be fuckedouch7/1/2012  0  
cuckold your husbandouch7/1/2012  1  
Women who crave LARGE cocksouch7/1/2012  2  
Rough Sex Group and Nasty Playouch7/1/2012  0  
JuicyWhitePussy4BBCouch7/1/2012  0  
Gangbang Girlsouch7/1/2012  0  
Diversi-'T'souch7/1/2012  3  
Cum Sluts & Their Fantasiesouch7/1/2012  0  
CREAMPIE eatingouch7/1/2012  2  
Big Dick Lovers Anonymousouch7/1/2012  2  
Big Black Dicks 4 Sexy BBWSouch7/1/2012  0  
Amst/Gville/JTown roomouch7/1/2012  0  
Albany BBW'souch7/1/2012  0  
45 and Older Bunchouch7/1/2012  7  
CNY Cuckold and Slut wivesouch7/1/2012  2  
The Sheep Appreciation SocietySmellies6/16/2012  13  
Idaho Swingers R Us.Finally, my fanfuckingtastic weekend post.6/12/2012  9  
DarkMall Fun AdventuresEtiquette for CLASSY Swingers5/23/2012  0  
EROTIC ECSTACYElevator Sex5/13/2012  2  
Real Cougars on the hunt !to smell or not to stink...5/6/2012  1  
BOYS & GIRLS OF BANGLADESHA Hot & Erotic Roleplay4/10/2012  2  
Ottawa - Capital SexSwinger Hygiene Guidelines4/2/2012  6  
Reluctant and Rough Role PlayThe Jogger's Boss Part 24/1/2012  1  
WATCH OR SHOW AND CUM:)~~ Name your New Scent ~~~3/31/2012  7  
Kearney areaHow many of you are Swingers?3/28/2012  4  
IWPSSScent of a Woman3/13/2012  5  
The Valley Of RoyalRoom Service3/13/2012  6  
Alamo City PlayersPerfume...2/21/2012  5  
women just want to be fuckedWorst2/15/2012  0  
cuckold your husbandWorst2/15/2012  2  
Women who crave LARGE cocksWorst2/15/2012  0  
Rough Sex Group and Nasty PlayWorst2/15/2012  3  
REAL WHITE LADIES 4 BBCWorst2/15/2012  1  
JuicyWhitePussy4BBCWorst2/15/2012  3  
Gangbang GirlsWorst2/15/2012  0  
Cum Sluts & Their FantasiesWorst2/15/2012  0  
CREAMPIE eatingWorst2/15/2012  0  
CNY Cuckold and Slut wivesWorst2/15/2012  3  
Big Dick Lovers AnonymousWorst2/15/2012  4  
Big Black Dicks 4 Sexy BBWSWorst2/15/2012  0  
Amst/Gville/JTown roomWorst2/15/2012  0  
Albany's Party PlaceWorst2/15/2012  0  
Albany BBW'sWorst2/15/2012  0  
45 and Older BunchWorst2/15/2012  7  
The Valley Of RoyalSAUCY JILL .....in the factory2/4/2012  5  
Behind the bike shedPerfume/ Aftershave1/25/2012  7  
Sexaholics are you one?I realised I have been a sexaholic hated it and then loved it again what about you?1/19/2012  0  
Diversi-'T'sWhat is your favorite perfume?1/16/2012  8  
QLD BBW HQThe scent of a woman1/15/2012  5  
The Valley Of RoyalSAUCY JILLs INBOX....Jill on the Train pt21/13/2012  1  
Idaho Swingers R Us.Thank You for the Educational E-Mails from 2011 and Happy New Year1/4/2012  12  
Married AffairsNo Takers12/28/2011  0  
Triple STwas the night before Christmas, dirty version12/10/2011  5  
Southern ComfortTwas the night before Christmas…..The Naughty Version12/10/2011  1  
QLD BBW HQFriendship11/9/2011  3  
Diversi-'T'sSmells Like T Spirit10/26/2011  5  
Making a Bi-Woman HappyAre you willing to give your bisexual mate a threesome?10/17/2011  0  
FrenzKeeping clean10/10/2011  6  
45 and Older BunchErotic Story "OUR VERY 1ST TIME"10/5/2011  2  
women just want to be fuckedErotic Story "OUR VERY 1ST TIME"10/5/2011  1  
Diversi-'T'sWhat I Did At Summer Camp (aka SCC)9/26/2011  4  
PUSSY LOVER'SSmelling her Virginity...!!!9/6/2011  0  
"Friends in Okanagan"100 reasons you might be a swinger9/2/2011  1  
Okanagan-Kamloops100 reasons you might be a swinger9/2/2011  1  
The Valley Of RoyalSAUCY JILL's INBOX......job interview8/28/2011  5  
Lets have fun in Montreal !!!GIFT8/18/2011  1  
BBW Admirers, LoversGIFT8/18/2011  0  
Diversi-'T'sPlease read...my new short story7/18/2011  7  
EROTIC ECSTACYEcstasy, Agony and Exaustion (Part 1)7/11/2011  11  
johor swinging connectionI am seeking to pleasure married woman while her husband watches...7/11/2011  1  
Place where Indian Men ChillI am Seekin To Pleasure The Wife WHile Her Hubby Watches7/11/2011  0  
KL Group ActivitiesI am Seeking To Pleasure The Wife While Her Husband Watches7/11/2011  0  
IndiansI Am Seeking To Pleasure The Wife While Her Husband Watches7/11/2011  0  
Discreet Swingging CouplesI Am Seeking To Pleasure The Wife While The Husband Watches7/11/2011  0  
FrenzHe smells, she smells7/5/2011  11  
Morgantown AreaSweet Scents6/22/2011  0  
Phat Kitty RanchStink purty6/21/2011  18  
The Valley Of RoyalSAUCY JILL in the factory6/19/2011  8  
Diversi-'T'sI'm Back6/11/2011  4  
The Valley Of RoyalSAUCY JILL's train journey part 26/7/2011  5  
Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)this just fits the room chats sometimes...6/5/2011  3  
bisexual calgary femalesLoves to kiss and touch.. but need a partner5/30/2011  0  
Active ChattersMEN5/18/2011  5  
Active ChattersLADIES5/18/2011  4  
EXPRESSION UNLIMITEDThe Other Side of The Story...5/4/2011  1  
Married Searching For LoversReady to meet?4/18/2011  18  
EROTIC ECSTACYThe chronicle's of Janeway4/7/2011  3  
Never Practice Before14 tips for mind blowing sex4/6/2011  1  
The Sheep Appreciation SocietyHow often do you3/27/2011  13  
The Dragons' LairAnother lousy joke3/26/2011  2  
People Like UsGoing to Hell3/20/2011  5  
Western Wyoming Swingers ClubGeneral Swinging Etiquette Updated3/14/2011  2  
The Duluth GroupSwinger's Etiquette3/10/2011  0  
GUNMA-KEN2 JAPAO08/03 - Dia Internacional da Mulher 30/04 - Dia Nacional da Mulher3/9/2011  1  
San Antonio BDSM .Ball Gag3/1/2011  0  
Wife watchersYounger man3/1/2011  5  
Behind the bike shedNot to be sniffed at..2/25/2011  8  
Doctor-patient role playThe pre-employment exam---A little something i have been working on2/12/2011  2  
Idaho Swingers R Us.Some Valentine Humor.2/8/2011  16  
Diversi-'T'sHOME!2/7/2011  4  
GUNMA-KEN2 JAPAOO que é uma mulher boa de cama?2/7/2011  3  
advice line friendsHangovers2/5/2011  4  
havre chatter and get togetherValentines Day Gift?1/26/2011  0  
fun in the fallsValentines Day Gift?1/26/2011  0  
bored in missoulaValentines Day Gift?1/26/2011  2  
Casper GroupValentines Day Gift?1/26/2011  3  
Elicit UndergroundValentines Day Gift?1/26/2011  4  
Scots Cornersmells1/17/2011  12  
Indy Sex FreaksChristmas Poem12/24/2010  3  
EROTIC ECSTACYCompeting For My Attention, Part 1 (story)12/22/2010  4  
black women and white men.Difference between Women Christmas Wish List and that of Men12/18/2010  0  
QLD BBW HQFor the girl that has it all12/16/2010  5  
Pandora's BoxXmas scent12/11/2010  16  
EXPRESSION UNLIMITED'Twas the Night Before Christmas - Adult Style12/4/2010  3  
Idaho Falls GroupYour favorite aphrodisiac!11/30/2010  1  
Idaho Sex ClubYour favorite aphrodisiac!11/30/2010  2  
East Idaho GroupYour favorite aphrodisiac!11/30/2010  5  
Idaho Swingers R Us.Your favorite aphrodisiac!11/30/2010  24  
Anna and Asta's chatroomSafe sex for Men Lesson no 111/24/2010  3  
Southern ComfortSarcastic Remarks!! LOL..Hope ya'll enjoy!!11/19/2010  8  
CYBER DELIGHTWhay turns you on?11/17/2010  5  
EROTIC ECSTACYMarkus becomes a man? (Halloween Challenge)10/22/2010  12  
Southern ComfortThe Love Dress10/18/2010  8  
FrenzLet the group know you 210/17/2010  160  
Central Oregon Group PlayGeneral Swinging Etiquette10/14/2010  0  
East Idaho GroupDifferance between GUTS and BALLS10/3/2010  5  
ACTIVE BUCKS PEOPLE ONLY !!!!New female member10/2/2010  39  
Diversi-'T'sPerfume9/9/2010  11  
Clearlake FriendsFantasy9/8/2010  0  
East Idaho GroupGirls weekend8/30/2010  2  
Idaho Swingers R Us.Girls Weekend8/30/2010  4  
OCEAN'S TEASE & CUM FUCK ROOMOh My God8/29/2010  3  
FurReal Kitties and MoreSMELLS8/29/2010  2  
cocoflexswinging etiquette8/23/2010  0  
EROTIC ECSTACYTrouser Days (EROTICA #7)8/23/2010  10  
BBW of East Idaho & FriendsGeneral Swinging Etiquette8/17/2010  1  
Idaho Sex ClubGeneral Swinging Etiquette8/17/2010  0  
Idaho Swingers R Us.General Swinging Etiquette8/17/2010  15  
East Idaho GroupGeneral Swinging Etiquette8/17/2010  3  
EROTIC ECSTACYSwamp Dreaming Excerpt8/17/2010  4  
Idaho Swingers R Us.Scented or Unscented Pussy8/10/2010  9  
Young Dommes And Older SlavesGreat Tease & Denial Story - How I Wish It Could Happen To Me!8/6/2010  0  
FurReal Kitties and MoreGirls, How Do You Take Care of Your Bush?7/26/2010  6  
The Nawty But Niche GroupPorn/Striper Name7/25/2010  10  
EROTIC ECSTACYErotica challenge#5 **HEATHER**7/20/2010  10  
Diversi-'T'sTruth in Advertising7/19/2010  3  
EROTIC ECSTACY(Erotica Challenge4#) FREDA7/11/2010  8  
45 and Older BunchInteresting Information7/2/2010  5  
EROTIC ECSTACYErotica Challenge3# ~*~ The Artist~*~7/1/2010  7  
married &needing loverphysical attraction6/30/2010  0  
OCEAN'S TEASE & CUM FUCK ROOMDo you know what to do with me.......?6/18/2010  3  
Nyaya yesviroSecrets 16/17/2010  0  
Scots CornerINTRODUCING A NEW PRODUCT.....6/7/2010  4  
Friends and FunSwinging Etiquette5/20/2010  3  
The Dragons' LairHere's your sign!5/11/2010  0  
My Friends Place Club WyomingSwinging Etiquette5/8/2010  2  
Phat Kitty Ranchfor all4/27/2010  23  
Flame's Friends of BDSMNegotiation Form ..............(Informative as well)4/19/2010  5  
No Strings (Yorkshire)Funny Weakest Link Answers4/16/2010  4  
OKC and surrounding areasSwingers, to be or not to be...4/11/2010  8  
Alamo City PlayersGuts or Balls......3/11/2010  14  
Old Rock My Fucking WorldFifty-six fun things to do in Walmart3/7/2010  4  
YAKIMA valleyNew to this, so be gentle!2/28/2010  2  
EROTIC ECSTACYTop 10 most romantic movie lines ever (or are they?)2/24/2010  7  
Realman & Splurgee Agony AuntsValentine Day Ideas2/11/2010  0  
Bi Ladys of San AntonioScents2/1/2010  5  
EROTIC ECSTACYHaving my Cake and eating it1/28/2010  3  
Flame's Friends of BDSM 1/21/2010  4  
Nothing at All / Nada de NadaPara Nada1/18/2010  1  
EROTIC ECSTACYTease Be Mine (STORY) (Part 1)1/10/2010  5  
Old Rock My Fucking WorldGame gifts12/27/2009  10  
Scots Cornerxmas gifts the game12/26/2009  7  
BBW's For Pleasure and Fun!Twas the night before Xmas,12/24/2009  1  
Brigham Ogden Logan Fun timesTwas the night before Xmas,12/24/2009  0  
Halo's and Horn'sTwas the night before Xmas,12/24/2009  2  
BBW Sexual FunTwas the night before Xmas12/24/2009  3  
T. - G.I.R.L.S.A Christmas Poem12/23/2009  4  
OKC and surrounding areasA Christmas Poem12/22/2009  10  
The Sheep Appreciation SocietyI wish I was a celebrity12/22/2009  4  
A&J'S PlayhouseWhat makes you feel sexy?12/21/2009  11  
Tampa Area Sex AssocI need a Chiropractor.....12/14/2009  3  
Scots Cornertwas the night before xmas12/12/2009  2  
FUN TIMESWhy Are Men Like?12/5/2009  4  
Idaho Sex ClubWhy Are Men Like?12/5/2009  2  
Idaho Swingers R Us.Why Are Men Like?12/5/2009  3  
Phat Kitty RanchIn A Funk>>>>>>>>>.11/28/2009  17  
Old Rock My Fucking WorldWhat's Your Erotic Personality?11/12/2009  3  
Idaho Swingers R Us.Hotter Sex Lesson11/7/2009  15  
Memphis MILFEarly Morning fun for you ladies....10/14/2009  0  
Central Mississippi Sex OnlyThink about this ladies10/14/2009  0  
Monroe La. Discrete FunThink about this ladies....10/14/2009  0  
BBWs & the People that love emSetting the mood...9/28/2009  3  
Una nueva oportunidadHABLEMOS DE NOSOTROS9/25/2009  0  
fantasies/men & lady'sThe Night My Bi-side Was Born!!!9/20/2009  1  
El éxtasis del orgasmoConsejos para aumentar la actividad sexual9/14/2009  1