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Staci’s PlaygroundMy office 47/13/2020  0  
Staci’s PlaygroundMy office 37/13/2020  0  
Bisexuals PlaygroundFirst time.6/30/2020  0  
AFF Naughty Community.Women who like guys in panties / lingerie?5/18/2020  2  
Anything Goes Tabooi dressed my wife for her lover4/4/2020  6  
Edmonton Real PeopleTaking the fun to Red Deer - March 13-15, 20203/5/2020  2  
All for fun CalgaryTaking the fun to Red Deer3/5/2020  1  
AFF Naughty Community.Black Leather Skirt and White Sweater.2/1/2020  18  
AFF Naughty Community.Stockings and heels.1/28/2020  11  
AFF Naughty Community.New sexy vinyl play outfit.1/23/2020  12  
SEXY SCOTS AND FRIENDSstockings.1/20/2020  3  
AFF Naughty Community.Posing in lingerie and stockings.1/17/2020  12  
Girls who want older GentsAre you a Garter belt, Garters, stockings and Stellittos or Thong and heels LOVER?1/16/2020  15  
AFF Naughty Community.Garter belt lingerie posing.1/4/2020  11  
Women in Pantyhose and Heelsmen looking for women in their heels and hose and skirts12/31/2019  0  
Men in womens PantiesDepartment store dressing room?12/29/2019  15  
AFF Naughty Community.My Garter belt with stockings gift.12/28/2019  12  
AFF Naughty Community.Posing in stockings.12/6/2019  12  
T. - G.I.R.L.S.Fuck my nouth and ass12/3/2019  0  
Diversi-'T'sGetting Busted12/1/2019  4  
AFF Naughty Community.Legs, stockings, and heels.11/28/2019  16  
Bareback TorontoFun games11/23/2019  0  
AFF Naughty Community.men in panties11/17/2019  8  
TS/CD/TV COCKSUCKING SLUTSFuck My Mouth and Ass11/15/2019  5  
AFF Naughty Community.Garter belt with stockings.11/6/2019  22  
TS/CD/TV COCKSUCKING SLUTSSlutty non-passable CD in Denver11/3/2019  4  
Girls who want older GentsJILL gets fucked in front of the clients10/9/2019  18  
PcolaGroup69in town this week only9/23/2019  0  
Hosiery LoversHow many pairs of heels do you own?9/6/2019  2  
AFF Naughty Community.Garter belt and stockings.8/27/2019  11  
AFF Naughty Community.Heels, stockings, and sexy legs.8/26/2019  10  
AFF Naughty Community.Posing naughty in stockings.8/6/2019  11  
3rd wheel pleasureAny viewers?7/14/2019  0  
CD/TS/TV/TGmy partner7/9/2019  0  
Men in womens PantiesLingerie anyone?7/6/2019  22  
AFF Naughty Community.My Leather Garter Belt.7/6/2019  7  
The Valley Of RoyalSAUCY_JILL's GANGBANG STORY for standard members7/5/2019  2  
The Valley Of RoyalJILL gets fucked in front of the clients....7/4/2019  5  
Anything Goes TabooWet face6/30/2019  2  
men in panties ?panties and more?6/29/2019  7  
Houston Area M4MLooking for Sexy CD Crossdresser TS TV or Sissy Femme Boi for Play Time FWB Ongoing?6/24/2019  9  
Lethbridge Hook-upsSenior bottom men6/21/2019  0  
AFF Naughty Community.Sharing me new garter belt.6/3/2019  13  
AFF Naughty Community.Sally in her gater belt and stockings.5/31/2019  5  
AFF Naughty Community.Two Naughty Garter Belt Views.5/30/2019  8  
AFF Naughty Community.For You Garter Belt & Stockings Fans.5/30/2019  7  
Men in womens PantiesHow i started crossdressing4/28/2019  26  
AFF Naughty Community.My New Butterfly Stockings.4/20/2019  7  
AFF Naughty Community.Women in a garter belt and stockings.4/20/2019  6  
Men in sexy men's underwearMen's body stockings4/16/2019  0  
Gangbang GurlWelcum to the group!4/12/2019  0  
All for fun CalgaryCalgary Kinky Flea Market - April 13, 2019 - 11 am-5 pm4/4/2019  1  
AFF Naughty Community.Legs Seen In Stockings.4/1/2019  7  
Men in lingerie\nightiesWigs and Makeup3/31/2019  6  
The Women’s ClubHello A/all3/18/2019  0  
AFF Naughty Community.For Men who Like Pussy In Stockings.3/6/2019  11  
AFF Naughty Community.Just Wearing Stockings.3/5/2019  29  
Booth Babes in Tampa AreaWill be in Tampa second week of April, looking for booth fun3/1/2019  1  
AFF Naughty Community.Naughty Posing in a sexy garter belt with stockings.2/28/2019  19  
AFF Naughty Community.Sexy Legs In A Garter Belt and Stockings.2/28/2019  12  
AFF Naughty Community.Pussy in fishnet stockings.2/27/2019  28  
Men in lingerie\nightiesFetish fun stockings and pantyhose1/13/2019  9  
Swingers For Fun Group.Some stockings with garter belt pics.1/12/2019  3  
AFF Naughty Community.Some stockings with garter belt pics.1/12/2019  10  
AFF Naughty Community.Garter Belt With Stockings.1/11/2019  13  
Women and couples 4 bi singlesHere for your pleasure1/8/2019  0  
AFF Naughty Community.Garter Belt Stockings Pussy View.12/13/2018  18  
AFF Naughty Community.panties, stockings and heels12/1/2018  5  
All for fun CalgaryCorsets at the Christmas Comic Expo - Calgary - Dec 1-211/30/2018  0  
AFF Naughty Community.My Christmas stocking gift for my hubby.11/25/2018  11  
CD's wanting to hook up!I need a cd11/21/2018  1  
So Cal PnP GroupLetss do this11/21/2018  0  
50+ MEN seek 50+ sub/cdstockings11/11/2018  1  
Girls who want older GentsTHE GIRL WITH NO NAME......PART 211/9/2018  5  
AFF Naughty Community.Showing my legs in stockings.11/4/2018  19  
The Valley Of RoyalTHE GIRL WITH NO NAME......PART 211/3/2018  3  
The Valley Of RoyalJILL gets fucked in front of the clients11/2/2018  3  
AFF Naughty Community.Posing In Red Fishnet Stockings.10/30/2018  16  
AFF Naughty Community.Men seem to go wild for a woman wearing a garter belt with stockings.10/18/2018  21  
AFF Naughty Community.Up Skirt Show Close Up.10/13/2018  10  
AFF Naughty Community.Posing In My Red Lingerie and Stockings.10/10/2018  5  
The Valley Of RoyalJILL AT THE PARTY10/8/2018  2  
The Valley Of RoyalStockings, tights or bare legs10/7/2018  6  
All for fun CalgaryCalgary Tattoo and Arts Festival - October 12-14, 20189/24/2018  1  
Swingers For Fun Group.Us Girls In Stockings.9/20/2018  7  
CROSSDRESSERSA CD hangout?9/8/2018  1  
Swingers For Fun Group.Friend Julie nude in her stockings.8/28/2018  9  
STOCKING FETISH ?What Kinda of Stockings make you feel the sexiest8/26/2018  0  
crossdressingStockings And High Heels8/26/2018  0  
Tops 4 Bottoms & Subs 4 DomsTraveler loves to be used8/19/2018  0  
Utah Friends For Fun.Anal sex in sexy stockings.8/16/2018  8  
Utah Friends For Fun.Males opinion of a woman in heels and stockings.8/14/2018  11  
HerMastersbitchfantasy for today8/10/2018  0  
SexyCD/TV's who love to pleaseWhat happens if you can't shave all of your body hair?7/14/2018  1  
AFF Naughty Community.Hey!!!! Are my stockings on straight?7/6/2018  11  
The Valley Of RoyalSAUCY_JILL's PROFILE STORY....EXTENDED6/20/2018  3  
AFF Naughty Community.Stockings with a garter belt.6/16/2018  15  
AFF Naughty Community.The many uses for stockings5/19/2018  8  
Milwaukee Groupseeking a men with a trim body and a smooth clean-shaven cock (no pubic hair).5/10/2018  1  
Older women 4 young studsSeeking a men with a trim body and a smooth clean-shaven cock (no pubic hair).5/10/2018  0  
The Valley Of RoyalTHE GIRL WITH NO NAME......PART TWO5/8/2018  4  
AFF Naughty Community.Women in stockings.5/6/2018  14  
I love LingerieLingerie and stockings4/20/2018  1  
AFF Naughty Community.Stockings With A Garter Belt.4/16/2018  17  
AFF Naughty Community.My Legs In Stockings Pics.4/16/2018  18  
AFF Naughty Community.Men Is Garter and Stockings A Turn On?4/14/2018  14  
AFF Naughty Community.Posing in a garter and stockings.4/13/2018  20  
The Valley Of RoyalJILL AT THE PARTY3/30/2018  3  
"Dom /Sub Lifestyle"Saturday Night - Sunday Morning3/24/2018  1  
AFF Naughty Community.For Fans of stockings and nylons.3/20/2018  6  
Men in lingerie\nightiesmeeting3/20/2018  0  
AFF Naughty Community.Lingerie & Stockings In The Kitchen.3/17/2018  15  
AFF Naughty Community.High heels and stockings.3/13/2018  20  
crossdressingwhat's happening3/3/2018  0  
Utah Friends For Fun.Do you like my new stockings?3/2/2018  5  
AFF Naughty Community.Do you like my new stockings?3/2/2018  20  
Men in womens PantiesI tried it2/28/2018  10  
Men in womens PantiesI tried it2/28/2018  1  
MasturbateFantasy or reality2/22/2018  1  
AFF Naughty Community.Sex in stockings.2/21/2018  21  
Men in womens PantiesManbreasts2/21/2018  12  
AFF Naughty Community.Just Wondering.2/21/2018  15  
AFF Naughty Community.Do youconsider stockings to be sexy?2/10/2018  21  
Ladies & LingerieLingerie related sexy memories or fantasies..2/2/2018  0  
The Valley Of RoyalJILL ON THE TRAIN part 22/1/2018  5  
The Valley Of RoyalJILL ON THE TRAIN part 11/31/2018  3  
The Valley Of RoyalSAUCY_JILL's GANGBANG PROFILE STORY1/25/2018  3  
Masturbatewatched porn and was inspired1/17/2018  10  
Older women with young girlsAsian near Vancouver12/29/2017  0  
Little Girls' Erotic IslandHoliday Paaaaaaarty! Friday 12/29/1712/26/2017  4  
Black Ring Social ClubStockings12/25/2017  6  
Idaho Swingers R Us.Stockings12/25/2017  4  
AFF Naughty Community.Stockings12/24/2017  18  
Wanted woman for Asian GFStockings12/23/2017  0  
AFF Naughty Community.The night before Christmas12/22/2017  5  
Bisexual Male Playgroundnew to the group12/20/2017  6  
AFF Naughty Community.My Body Variety Video.12/19/2017  9  
AFF Naughty Community.Do you like my red stockings?12/11/2017  11  
AFF Naughty Community.I Made My First Video.12/4/2017  21  
AFF Naughty Community.Garter Belt with Stockings.11/28/2017  19  
AFF Naughty Community.Guys you preference for ladies leg wear11/24/2017  11  
AFF Naughty Community.Group Ladies do you prefer stockings n suspenders or hold ups or tights11/24/2017  8  
Eye Candy Sioux FallsSatin, Silk & Skin Bar Takeover Sioux Falls!!11/8/2017  2  
Sioux Falls SwingersSatin, Silk & Skin Bar Takeover Sioux Falls!!11/8/2017  1  
Cyber SnobsPart 1: Three of a Kind11/6/2017  2  
Cyber SnobsSAUCY JILL's GANGBANG11/1/2017  2  
AFF Naughty Community.Purple lingerie with black stockings.10/25/2017  11  
Utah Friends For Fun.Purple lingerie with black stockings.10/25/2017  4  
2 Taboo for YouAdult bookstore sex9/28/2017  5  
Men in womens PantiesA perfect fit9/27/2017  2  
AFF Naughty Community.A Woman's Legs In Sexy Stockings.8/8/2017  9  
Utah Friends For Fun.A Woman's Legs In Sexy Stockings.8/8/2017  8  
Dress me like a ladyHelp Me7/25/2017  0  
AFF Naughty Community.Friend Julie's present for my birthday.5/31/2017  9  
AFF Naughty Community.Birthday present from friend DeeAnna5/31/2017  20  
Utah Friends For Fun.Birthday present from friend DeeAnna.5/31/2017  8  
The Edge of WetnessSheer Sexy Stockings5/16/2017  0  
2 Taboo for Youmom in stockings5/15/2017  22  
Sister Blogger SocietySIDE BY SIDES of the SISTERS...4/22/2017  13  
All for fun Calgary2017 Calgary Comic Expo- April 27-30, 20174/11/2017  0  
AFF Naughty Community.Sex play clothing souvenirs.4/9/2017  13  
Idaho Swingers R Us.Leg Fetish Members.3/27/2017  5  
AFF Naughty Community.Leg Lovers.3/27/2017  15  
Diversi-'T'sSooo looking forward to winter!3/25/2017  8  
2 Taboo for Youkims laundry3/19/2017  6  
Idaho Swingers R Us.Legs, stockings and Pussy views.3/18/2017  12  
AFF Naughty Community.Legs, stockings and Pussy views.3/18/2017  23  
AFF Naughty Community.The Stairwell3/14/2017  6  
AFF Naughty Community.Sex In Stockings.3/13/2017  25  
AFF Naughty Community.Posing In Red lingerie & Stockings.3/10/2017  14  
AFF Naughty Community.Sexy and Naughty.3/1/2017  15  
AFF Naughty Community.Legs in stockings are sexy.2/28/2017  21  
AFF Naughty Community.For Those Who Love Sexy Sheer Lingerie.2/21/2017  20  
2 Taboo for YouJILL ON THE TRAIN part two2/16/2017  7  
2 Taboo for YouJILL ON THE TRAIN2/13/2017  11  
AFF Naughty Community.Posing In My Pink and Black Lingerie.2/6/2017  7  
2 Taboo for YouJILL FORCED INTO A GANGBANG1/31/2017  16  
Girls who want older GentsJILL ON THE TRAIN part 21/30/2017  7  
Girls who want older GentsJILL ON THE TRAIN part 11/29/2017  12  
Girls who want older GentsJILL IS FORCED INTO A GANGBANG1/29/2017  12  
Girls who want older GentsSaucy Jill's gangbang story1/29/2017  37  
West Idaho Friends 4 Fun.Seeking an attractive, busty FWB playmate size 8-18, under 5'6" in Boise1/23/2017  0  
HerMastersbitchFill our stockings12/22/2016  8  
STRAPON GIRLS WHO FUCK GUYSVirgin ass here!12/9/2016  1  
REAL LAS VEGAS ENCOUNTERSChristmas Fun! 12/21-2811/20/2016  1  
SF TransexualRomantic's and Olivia's11/19/2016  1  
S.E.X. (Sioux Empire Xplorers)Olivia's and romantix11/19/2016  1  
St. Johns Looking for funOwosso Here!11/19/2016  0  
Dressing & Play In LeatherTight Leather Skirt11/1/2016  0  
Hosiery LoversMy hosiery boutique is almost fully stocked with stockings!10/20/2016  3  
Edmonton Real PeopleEdmonton Comic Expo - Sept 23-25, 20169/19/2016  0  
AFF Naughty Community.Sexy Legs Women.9/13/2016  15  
Prowler's NWIowa groupCurious!9/11/2016  5  
The Swingers Community Group.I know you are out there.8/29/2016  3  
Syracuse Paris PlayTVs or couples into stockings and heels8/29/2016  3  
Syracuse Paris PlayTVs or couples into stockings and heels8/29/2016  0  
Men in lingerie\nightiesCumming in panties with stockings, garters8/22/2016  14  
Syracuse Paris Playcouples or TVs into stockings and heels8/14/2016  0  
Sg_Ladyboy Club xxxlocal chinese straight-looking bottom,32 with a bit of cross dressing here seeking chinese sugar dad8/6/2016  0  
15th Avenue Bookstore & Spa8/20 back to school party - who's going?8/5/2016  12  
Roswell, N.GA, Hott EncountersExciting Fantasy7/31/2016  0  
Men in womens PantiesPanties and Garter Belts7/30/2016  9  
Syracuse Paris Playstockings and heels7/26/2016  0  
Syracuse Paris Playstockings and heels7/26/2016  0  
CharlestonHolloween's Not Too Far Away.7/25/2016  0  
Idaho Swingers R Us.My Hubby Says I Should Do More Glamour Photos.7/23/2016  9  
Syracuse Paris Playstockings and heels lovers7/11/2016  0  
Syracuse Paris Playstockings and heels lovers7/11/2016  0  
Syracuse Paris Playstockings and heels lover6/27/2016  0  
FUCK MY WIFE and let me watchReal Sexy Men Gentlemen6/27/2016  6  
Men sucking COCKS.!looking for cock fun cornwall jan 20176/25/2016  0  
interracial gang bang in STLI.s.o. well hung Tops for my slutty bottom6/5/2016  0  
St. Louis BisexualsI.s.o. well hung Tops for my slutty bottom6/5/2016  0  
HerMastersbitchWhen he is5/27/2016  2  
Syracuse Paris Playany couples or TVs going to Paris this weekend5/19/2016  2  
Syracuse Paris Playstockings and heels fetish5/12/2016  0  
Syracuse Paris Playstockings and high heels fetish4/17/2016  0  
Syracuse Paris Playstockings and spike heel lovers4/1/2016  0  
MEN WHO GET OFF ON LINGERIEPantyhose or stockings?3/17/2016  3  
♠️GURLS WHO LOVE BBC♠️TGurl cumslut for gangbangs3/10/2016  4  
Syracuse Paris Playinto stockings and high heels3/8/2016  1  
Syracuse Paris Playladies in stockings and heels??2/16/2016  0  
Submissive Malessmooth bottom in panties wanting old Dom male2/3/2016  1  
Idaho Swingers R Us.Ever Given Or Received Or Traded A Play Time Gift?2/1/2016  4  
West Idaho Friends 4 Fun.Sexy Legs?1/20/2016  4  
Black Ring Social ClubSexy Legs?1/20/2016  8  
Young Men for London MILF'sLooking for a true woman, 20 years old male central London1/14/2016  0  
Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)Happy Holidays...12/27/2015  2  
Idaho Swingers R Us.Naughty Poem. Santa Doing Mrs. Claus.12/24/2015  5  
Living The Dream !!!!What I'm wearing and Where I am12/19/2015  8  
All for fun CalgaryAn Erotic Fantasy... How could you help?12/4/2015  6  
TV/TG/TSLooking for a top11/12/2015  4  
MEN WHO GET OFF ON LINGERIESlips11/5/2015  0  
Naughty tgirlsHello11/2/2015  0  
Columbia,SCHAPPY HOLLOWEEN!10/27/2015  0  
HNW BloggersOctober 21-Socks and Stockings10/19/2015  14  
West Idaho Friends 4 Fun.Sexy Legs Question.9/22/2015  4  
Idaho Swingers R Us.Sexy Legs Question.9/22/2015  11  
stockings and pantyhoseFall ---- so Stockings are a must9/18/2015  0  
Crossdressers in MNTownHouse tonight9/12/2015  0  
Cloud NineGame: Vending Machine9/5/2015  10  
Girls who want older Gentsnylons/stockings8/27/2015  3  
Twin Cities Area Sex SeekersGuess what I'm wearing....8/13/2015  1  
Hamilton HotspotLets have a fantasy party.... tell me yours and I will tell you mine!8/5/2015  5  
Black Ring Social ClubStockings and pink pussy.8/1/2015  2  
North Idaho Friends Group.Pink pussy and stockings.8/1/2015  1  
West Idaho Friends 4 Fun.Sexy stockings and pink pussy.8/1/2015  3  
Idaho Swingers R Us.Stockings and pink pussy.8/1/2015  6  
stockings and pantyhoseHot weather but still need stockings7/25/2015  0  
Crossdressers in MNWHAT7/25/2015  2  
Men in lingerie\nightiesBeautiful7/2/2015  2  
Cloud NineStockings or Pantyhose...what do you prefer????6/30/2015  9  
Crossdressers in MNMeet Others6/30/2015  2  
Idaho Swingers R Us.Lingerie & Stockings.6/18/2015  7  
Crossdressers that LOVE WomenFirst Lesbian Threesome6/13/2015  0  
Cam Girlslngerie or no lingerie6/2/2015  3  
Finding bi M sex in SNJtight bottom for top near west deptford5/28/2015  0  
15th Avenue Bookstore & SpaHe lost the bet5/19/2015  11  
Diversi-'T'sFavorite fantasies or dreams?5/8/2015  3  
Diversi-'T'sThe Voice of the Stylist5/2/2015  6  
Women and couples 4 bi singlesAny one else notices how more men are becoming bi or cd4/27/2015  13  
Swinging/Socializing/PartiesNo Panties Party 4/25/154/21/2015  0  
HNW BloggersMar 11-Fetish3/10/2015  22  
Men in lingerie\nightiesPic of me in stockings2/5/2015  0  
Crossdressers that LOVE WomenShare your Femininity with Me.2/2/2015  0  
Crossdressers that LOVE WomenHow do you Come Out to a Close Female Friend you have feelings for?2/2/2015  0  
The Dragons' LairQuestion of the Week #2271/31/2015  10  
Cam GirlsThigh High Stockings1/14/2015  9  
Cake Baby (you wanna slice) ;)I love wearing girls clothes1/11/2015  0  
nylon seductionWhat is it that make nylons so damn sexy!1/6/2015  0  
nylon seductionStockings or tights?1/6/2015  0  
2 Taboo for YouThe Morning After New Year's Eve...1/1/2015  6  
Huntsville XXXtasy ClubBest places to buy lingerie and other things in Huntsville12/30/2014  3  
Idaho Swingers R Us.A Hot Pair Of Sexy Legs.12/17/2014  16  
Edmonton Real PeopleSanta's Naughty List!12/13/2014  12  
15th Avenue Bookstore & Spanaked12/11/2014  1  
crossdressing bi males for funI love dressing in girls clothes11/30/2014  2  
Boudoir PhotographyMy Hot Little Wife's Boudoir Photos11/12/2014  1  
Wyoming Transgendertime to put on latex stocking11/12/2014  0  
The Sheep Appreciation Societystockings11/10/2014  10  
TGurl Breeders ClubGangbang on Nov 22- bring it on guys!11/1/2014  1  
Addicted to cocks and cumsexy crossdresser debbie10/19/2014  0  
CD/TV/TS/TG Meeting SociallyTown House Bar in St Paul10/13/2014  2  
Syracuse Paris Playany couples or TVs going to Syracuse Paris on 10/11/14?10/6/2014  0  
Syracuse Paris Playany into stockings and heels go to the Paris?9/20/2014  2  
MEN 4 SEX 'N SE IOWAnorth bookstore9/3/2014  4  
public gropers + pussy loversDressing to be groped9/2/2014  8  
London SlutsDaytime 19/08/2014, Big cock(s) wanted for MMF/more, must accommodate in London.8/17/2014  2  
QC Area Friends...M looking for fun this weekend (7/25-7/27)7/25/2014  0  
Men and Women looking for MoreM looking for fun this weekend (7/25-7/27)7/25/2014  0  
Diversi-'T'sOpen-Toed Shoes7/22/2014  11  
Idaho Swingers R Us.Men and sexy legs.7/21/2014  11  
West Idaho Friends 4 Fun.Men go for sexy legs.7/21/2014  6  
Transgendered Dommessissy needs domme7/11/2014  0  
Lake County AdultsAre sexy legs a turn on to you?7/9/2014  3  
Lake County AdultsSex in stockings?7/8/2014  4  
Fairfax Gangbang Clubyoung BBW switch wants crossdressin bi daddy gangbang6/29/2014  1  
The Sheep Appreciation SocietyStockings and sexy heels6/18/2014  8  
edinburgh bukkake partiesTuesdays....6/1/2014  2