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 Storm area 51
Because of the secrecy that is imposed upon the base, "Area 51" has become host to many conspiracy stories from the public; including alien habitation, reverse engineering of alien crafts and weaponry, genetic testing, 'New World Order' planning, and other diabolical research. Glenn Campbell came to the area in 1992 to investigate those claims, I took over from him in 1998. While I ran the Research Center, I tried to keep an open mind to these ideas, although I was bombarded by them every day. As you can imagine, some were quite rediculous. When you have an open question such as the Area 51 location, where nothing much can be prooven, all sorts of crazy ideas will be pushed. My conclusions of the past three years are explained below.

Storm Area 51
This website is the product of three and a half years intense research into the phenomenon popularly known as "Area 51". From June 1998 to October 2001 I ran Glenn Campbell's Area 51 Research Center in Rachel, Nevada, a community close to the Groom Lake facility ("Area 51"). Glenn was the first serious researcher to compile information and study the secret base and published that information online through his remarkable website UFOMIND, his own publications (including the essential Area 51 Viewer's Guide), mainstream publications, and television and documentaries. It was through his efforts that the subject was brought to the public's attention. He started the Research Center as a base for that research in 1993. To pay for the expences of the research, Glenn sold merchandise such as maps, books and "Area 51" trinkets. Glenn left after being a two year resident of Rachel due to the continued harrassment of the locals, most of whom are involved in illegal activities in the isolated community. I left for the same reason in 2001.

The People Involved And Their Claims
My conclusions are based mostly upon the people involved in the field itself and their claims, the 'physical evidence' to back up the claims just isn't there. Not one real shread of proof to these conspiracy stories has been uncovered since their induction. These mostly deal with claims concerning the 'Area 51' base, which is what our main focus was, but some of the claims often overlap into general ufology.

The "True Believers"
Most of the extraordinary claims deal with ones of the alien kind. Stories of underground alien bases, joint alien-military operations, captured alien spacecraft and weaponry being tested. The regular 'true believer' has never seen these for themselves, they quote from their favorite author or lecturer for the information. But they do thoroughly believe, and they usually have sightings that varify what they believe. Orange globes dancing in the night skies over Area 51, reports of alien-looking security patrols, tales of visitation and abduction in the area, and the ever-popular "I met or know someone who saw the aliens and/or their crafts at the secret base".
Abduction and Medical Experimentation
Others claim to have been abducted by either aliens or military personel, some on a weekly basis. Most 'abductees' had a nagging feeling that something strange had happened to them at some point, and when it came to the Area 51 visitors, that is exactly what they were hoping for, they came to the area in hopes of a 'visitation'. Tales of disturbed sleep, strange lumps found on the body and other odd things lead some to take the next step. They seek out a hypno-therapist to 'reclaim' the hidden or missing time that they feel was covered up by the abductors. Being that most of those therapists are true believers themselves, the results are questionable to be best. To complicate the process are the authors and lecturers that push this information to the public. When these claims become someone's "bread and butter", their motives should surely be questioned, be it for money or fame.
The 'Evil' Government Conspiracy
Some people I met believed they were being followed or manipulated by the government, or the 'secret government'. These claim usually came from anti-government fanatics and/or racists who preech continuously of the evil 'New World Order' and the 'secret societies' who's main goals are to enslave or kill off the populous. They speak of evil technologies being developed at Area 51 for that sole reason. Paranoia, hatred for others, and sometimes, mental insanity are the reasons for their beliefs.
Information Thieves/Pretenders
This is the worst aspect of the field. People who make up stories or have stolen information from credible researchers and manipulated the facts and have pushed their stories off to gullible tourists or enthusiasts. It's a situation I ran into everyday in Rachel. I felt sorry for the poor fools that came into the area seeking real information, but were fed total nonsense and lies. The people pushing such crap are doing so strickly for money and prestige.

I now consider all alien claims, or government conspiracy stories associated with "Area 51", as lies, disinformation or simply misinterpretations or wishful thinking from the minds of a sub-culture of paranoia. The majority of the "true believers" who have claimed an alien presence at Groom Lake, wanted it to be real, thus it was real, to them at least. One thought became pervasive during my research- Truth Is Subjective.

My own personal belief is that the Groom Lake facility is nothing more than a top secret testing area for advanced aircraft and weapon systems that the government and the military would much rather keep secret than to have in the public eye. The rest, I believe, is disinformation or pure rubbish.

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